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WHY does Thai Massage benefit the Massage Therapist?

Well..... Thai Massage and massages, from Thailand, give massage therapists the opportunity to relax, exercise, protect their bodies and work with their body mechanics, all while working and doing the massage.

The latter 'body mechanics', is something that I feel very strongly about and make sure is addressed in my courses. Correct body mechanics for you is essential for longevity as a therapist.

But today we will talk specifically about......

Traditional Thai Massage - Nuad Boran

Also known as 'lazy yoga' or 'Thai Yoga'

Traditional Thai Massage is usually done on the floor, on a mat and the client is fully clothed.

The massage therapist uses techniques to massage the body but in Northern Thai Massage specifically, the client's body is also stretched into yoga-like poses, to stretch and open muscles and joints, to encourage energy flow and increase the range of movement.

While performing these stretches and poses, or even sitting and working energy lines, the massage therapists are on sitting on the floor usually with bent knees and moving into poses themselves to execute the moves. For example, when the customer's legs are being stretched the massage therapist is stretching and lunging or bending, at the same time. So, they too are having a massage or exercise.

Rocking movements are also used within the massage, as well as techniques using the palm, foot, elbow, knee, fist, thumb, and forearm. Taking the pressure off the massage therapist's hands and arms by providing a balance throughout their body.

Additionally, the combination of stretching, rocking and pressing techniques, are applied in a rhythmic way causing a sense of relaxation, sometimes even it is a type of meditation for the therapist.

So essentially the massage is working for both the customer and the massage therapist at the same time if done with intention and connection.

If I were to talk about the specific benefits of each of the above, we would be here all day breaking down the stretches, the rhythm, the connection etc.... but one thing is for sure........

As long as you can work on your knees, and sit on the floor, the rewards of giving Traditional Thai Massage is much friendlier to your body.

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