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Our Journey! 

The 'Healing Art of Thai', was founded in 2015 by Nicola Dickenson following, the completion of her first level of teacher training in Thailand. Initially created as a school of Thai Massage, it has since developed and now includes the teaching of various types of massage and healing.

In 2018 , the 'Healing Art of Thai' started to provide courses internationally, in Thai Massage, Massage, and Healing over the globe.  

In 2019, following requests for massage and therapy from customers, a massage service element was included in the services provided by the 'Healing Art of Thai".

Today, the 'Healing Art of Thai' provides courses, workshops, therapies, and massage treatments in Paphos and surrounding areas, including the provision of Massage and Beauty services at Villas and Events.

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Meet Our founder

Nicola Dickenson

Massage Therapist, Teacher & Tera Mai Reiki Master

Nicola is a passionate certified massage therapist and teacher who is originally from, Wales, but now lives on the beautiful island of Cyprus practicing and teaching her love and passion of Massage, Thai Massage, and Healing.

Her treatments, healing, and therapies are tailored for the individual and soulfully performed. Nicola or, 'Nicki', as she is known, uses not only her knowledge and skills but really feels and connects with her customers, to give the best experience and result.

The 'customer connection' is also a big part of her teaching, a student can build sensitivity and touch over time, but it is encouraged from day one of any training courses to be customer aware and how to learn how to start to 'connect'.

Internationally trained, 'VTCT' qualified, associate teacher of International Training Massage Training Chiang Mai, Thailand (ITM) and Golden Tera Mai™ Master. Nicki is always looking to improve her skills and knowledge for the greater good, thus, continues to update her education frequently, with annual visits to Thailand and annual training programs.


A member of a number of various associations, Nicki strives to provide a standardised quality of service by herself and her therapists, to both customers and students.

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