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The elegance and beauty of the Thai Foot Wash Ritual!

A typical experience in a Thai Spa!

It doesn't matter which type of SPA you go to in Thailand, it could be one on a back street corner or a high-end luxury SPA. The one thing they always do is wash the feet of the client.

In Buddhism, the lowest part of the body is the feet. So with respect to the client, the therapists wash their feet and also make a ritual of washing their client's feet too.

This is done in private for the therapists but is part of the service of the massage for the client.

Usually, you will find a foot soak in a high-end spa, in smaller local massage places you may have a warm towel being wiped on your feet.

But let me tell you about the High-end Spa...

In a high-end Thai Spa, a foot soak is not like the western hot water combined with foot scrub, although on some occasions this is offered. It is more natural and therapeutic.

A warm bowl of water is usually placed in front of you before your go for your massage. Placed inside this bowl are flowers, herbs and plants which are used to wash your feet.

Some of these can be;

  • Indian Jasmine - for smell and aroma

  • Tumeric - to cleanse the feet

  • Lime - to sterilise the foot

  • Ginger - to reduce inflammation

After the client's feet have soaked for a few minutes, the Spa therapist washes their feet with the ingredients, and also the ankles and sometimes the calf.

During this time, the client is not only feeling pampered but is also experiencing the benefits of the healing properties of the ingredients, as well as any aroma.

The feet are patted dry and slippers are placed on the client's feet ready for them to walk to the room for their treatment or massage.

And all this before you even leave the reception area, simple, elegant, natural and respectful. One of the many ways to describe massages from Thailand.

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