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Thai Foot Massage - How does Reflexology Come into it?

Thai Foot 'Reflexology' Massage?

So what is it?

Well basically, it is a foot massage which includes the reflexology zones on the sole of the feet, but it is also a foot, ankle and calf massage at the same time.

Typically this massage lasts 1 hour, however, in the streets of Thailand you can see this 'massage', being offered at street markets for 30 or 60 minutes.

Traditionally, the client sits in a chair and places their foot on a stool while the massage therapist sits lower down on a smaller stool while performing the massage.

The Thai Reflexology Stick!

During the massage, the therapist uses a special wooden reflexology stick, to massage the foot with and also to stimulate the reflexology zones on the base of the feet.

The stick sounds scary to most, but used correctly it is a great addition to the massage, it can be done strongly or lightly depending on what pressure the customer likes.

Using the stick also takes the pressure off the hands of the therapist as pressure is applied to the stick through body mechanics and not with strength in their arms and hands.

The Customer & Therapist Experience!

This can vary depending on where the massage is being performed. For example in the street markets, alcohol is used to clean and sterilise the feet. However, in a spa, the customers' feet may be washed in a bowl with natural ingredients, plants, herbs and flowers to clean, sterilise and make the feet smell nice.

But no matter where the client is having the massage, they still receive a massage of the toes, foot, ankle, lower leg and knee, with moisturising cream.

The muscles, ligaments and tendons of the foot and ankle are worked with warm-up techniques, stretches, and, rubbing and friction techniques using the stick and hands. Then, the lower leg and knee are massaged relieving tension and tightness, encouraging blood flow, stimulating the lymphatic system and giving a greater range of movement within the ankle and toe joints.

Additionally, the energy lines are worked, and the reflexology stick is used to stimulate reflexology zones, allowing the body to balance, and stimulate the body's natural healing abilities.

This massage not only works the foot, ankle and lower leg physically, but it also stimulates the corresponding reflex zones to the organs in the body, while relaxing and calming the central nervous system.

It works the Yin with the Yang and is truly a massage that for the mind, body and spirit.

The bonus is that it becomes a mediation for the therapist too, and you can sit down.

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