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How the Thai's use the five senses to create valuable and effective treatments!

I am going to continue to talk about the plants, herbs and flowers included as part of massage in Thailand, but I will take you back and reintroduce you to your senses to do this.

When you think of Thailand you may think of exotic beaches, palm trees, coconuts, massage, curry, fruits and much more. Our memories are stimulated by our senses and we are taken back to the sight, sound, smell, touch or taste that triggered that memory, even if we haven't been there.

We forget how much our senses play a role in recalling memories or making them. When you think about massage and going somewhere to have a massage, you often think you will be welcomed, asked to fill in a form, taken to get changed and then you receive a 'massage' and are given something to drink at the end. Oh, and in between, you will hear some sort of music. .....Senses, senses, senses!

Senses play a pivotal role in our daily lives and by introducing these elements into working practices and environments, you are not only stimulating the senses but making memories. So getting it right is essential for creating the right type of memory for your customer.

In Thailand, they use the senses in their daily lives but specifically in massage too, and not just aromatherapy massage. The whole user experience is catered for, from the moment you enter to the memory it leaves, and in between the experience itself!

We can learn so much more about the Thai way of life, links to culture and Buddhism, and the meanings behind some of the plants, flowers, and herbs they use but for this purpose, we will refer to the basics!

The use of nature to promote well-being and health, by stimulating the 5 senses, in addition to the benefits of each massage type. Let me talk you through some examples;

Sight - Typically, you will see water, flowers and plants outside, inside and around massage centres and Spa, sometimes combined together, such as the foot wash; flowers for sight and smell, and plants and herbs to cleanse.

Smell - Burning of essential oils or incense sticks as you enter the building to calm and relax you as you enter, wait for your massage or even while you are having your massage via the use of infused massage oil or essential oils on or around your body.

Sound - Running water from fountains placed inside, outside or around the spa, or, music from nature in the background, and quiet/low whispering voices, Creating a space of safety and calmness.

Touch - materials used in waiting/sofa areas, ornaments lying around like foot acupressure steps Wooden) to play with, and fresh flowers or herbs in reception to touch and smell.

Taste - Fresh mint fused in Tea, fruits on a platter orange and lemon. Steam rooms with herbs, and infused oils. It is possible to taste not only just from ingesting but also from the air.

It's not rocket science but a journey that each customer is taken on, and a memory that is created and stored within the body. In addition to all the health benefits and properties associated with each aspect of their experience and massage.

This is one of the reasons I personally love Thailand and its massages, it's not just the physical aspect you work on!

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