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Why is Thai Massage an Ancient Healing Art?

In order to explain why it is a healing art, you need to firstly understand the history of Thai massage.

Sometime between the 2nd and 3rd centuries 'Buddhism' reached Thailand, and it was during this time that monks from Thailand learned of a physician from north India 'Jivaka Komarabhacca' otherwise known as 'Shivaga Komarpaj'.

Shivaga Komarpaj, is believed to have been a close friend and physician to Buddha, and was also the personal physician to Magadha King Bimbisara, 2500 years ago.

Now although there is no definitive story of the history, it is all based on beliefs and teachings through the lineage, however, there is general consensus is that Dr Shivaga Komarpaj was the founder of Thai Massage and that it has evolved over the centuries, taking the best from India, Nepal, China and Thailand.

Historically the teachings of Thai Massage were passed down through generations and were thought to originally have only been available to the Royal Family and the temples, as so were the other elements of TTM (Traditional Thai Medicine).

However, during the centuries these teachings passed from generation to generation and are now widely used all over the country, as well as in hospitals.

In the late seventies, the 'World Health Organisation' recognised TTM Doctors as part of public health care using the practice of plants and TTM. Since then it has been part of the Thai public health program.

One of the elements of TTM is Thai Massage (Nuad Boran) which is regarded as precious and inherited wisdom from the times of Dr Shivaga Komarpaj, 'ancient times'. So why is it a healing art?

TTM specifically involves the diagnosis and treatment using the theories of TTM (diagnosis, massage and herbs based on the teachings passed down through generations).

The massage element is known as Nuad Thai and consists of massage of the SEN lines, herbal remedies and aromatics, allowing the body to activate its natural healing ability.

It all sounds simple but there is a lot more to it... which I will expand on more another time.


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