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Discovering more about the types of Thai massage and treatments you can offer your customers!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

When someone says, "Thai Massage", what comes into your mind?

A Thai lady walking on someone's back? Lots of stretching yoga poses? Foot Massage with a stick? Happy endings? OR, something else?

Let me take you on a journey to discover more!

In fact all of the above are correct, but there is much more to the massage and treatments that you can have in Thailand and that we can offer to our customers.

Some of you may have visited Thailand and seen a number of different types, such as foot massage on the street or in shops, Traditional Thai Massage (clothed) on a mattress or the table. All of these are typically the types of massage we refer to when we say or think 'Thai Massage', but there is so much more!

Nuad Boran (Traditional Thai Massage with clothes on) uses acupressure, yoga-like stretching and pressing of the SEN energy lines.

Thai Foot Reflexology is a massage of the foot, calf and ankle, sometimes this also includes a foot scrub or clean, and on occasion a short massage of the head and shoulders too. A wooden stick is also used during the massage to stimulate the reflex zones on the base of the foot.

In the foot scrub herbs, plants and aromatics are used to clean the feet for both massages above.

Thai Herbal Aroma Oil massage is an oil massage which uses a variety of eastern and western techniques, but also works the SEN energy lines. The oil is infused with either plant, herbs or flower aroma or essential oils to stimulate the senses and encourage a state of relaxation and calmness.

Thai Herbal Steam is simply what it says, a steam using herbs and plants to cleanse and stimulate the body and senses to a state of well-being.

Thai Herbal Compress again is a treatment using compresses made of herbs, plants and flowers, again worked on the body to improve health, to aid specific ailments for body and mind.

Thai Hot Stone is similar to hot stone massage but uses herbal aroma oils, and works the energy lines as you massage.

As you can see, SEN energy lines, herbs and aromatics, play a key role and most are used in the massages and treatments, if not all of them.

Thai Massage (in the general term all massage from Thailand) is a holistic natural healing and used together can be a wonderful experience for you as a therapist and also for your customers.

But I will explain more about that at another time.

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